Rebounding From a Breakup - Advice on Bouncing Back After a Breakup

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Going through a breakup can really send your life into free fall. The depression and conflicting thoughts going on in your head make rebounding from a breakup a very difficult task. At some point, however, you need to get back up off the floor and move on with your life. Here is some advice on rebounding from a breakup:

1. Let go of the past

The first thing to do in rebounding from a breakup is to let go your angry and bitter feelings toward your ex. I know that they hurt you very badly, and you have the right to feel angry for a while. The thing is, many people carry that anger and bitterness with them for years. This will adversely affect their emotional and physical health. Don't be one of these people. After you've had a couple weeks to mourn your loss, then start rebounding from a breakup by letting go of the past.

2. Avoid seeing or talking to your ex

The next step in rebounding from a breakup is to cut off contact with your ex. This is not to get any kind of revenge on them, this is for your own good. Stop making phone calls or showing up where you think your ex might be. These actions are not helping you. You will not have any success rebounding from a breakup unless you first stop associating with your ex.

3. Find other things to occupy your time

There is more to rebounding from a breakup than just grieving your loss, letting go of the past, and stopping communicating with your ex. The next step is to start looking forward. Get involved in some new and exciting things, like a favorite hobby or some charity work. Also, do things that will take your mind off of your ex, like reconnecting with old friends or spending extra time at work. 

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If you follow this advice, you may find rebounding from a breakup is not as difficult as you thought it would be. You will soon be moving on with your life and your past relationship will be in the rear-view mirror. However, you may still be in love with your ex and wanting to get them back. If that's true in your case, there is still hope. Learn how to get back with your ex and end your loneliness and frustration once and for all at

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Rebounding From a Breakup - Advice on Bouncing Back After a Breakup

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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