How Long Should I Wait To Contact My Ex Boyfriend After The Breakup - The Key To Getting Him Back

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When the man you love tells you he wants to end the relationship, you cannot wait to get him back. This makes you want to call him and tell him of your undying love and you cannot live without him. He hangs up and you feel more pain and rejection. So if you are asking "how long should I wait to contact my ex boyfriend after the breakup". Here is the key to getting him back.

Stop and think of why contacting your ex boyfriend right after a breakup is not a good idea. You are in a highly emotional state and he is still angry. Putting the two of you together is like lighting a match to gasoline. There is sure to be an explosion and the relationship could be over for good. No matter what your heart tells you, the thing you need most now is patience.

There has to be a cooling off period after any breakup. How long you should wait before contacting him after the breakup, depends on the reason for the breakup. If it was a spat over some meaningless thing, he should be over his anger fast. Something more serious will take longer. No matter what the reason, a cooling off period is necessary. During that period, there should be absolutely no contact at all.

The reason you should not be contacting your ex boyfriend is, you will not be able to keep from crying and begging. That will make him see you as a needy and desperate woman that cannot handle a crisis. Seeing you that way will only make him lose respect for you and be glad he broke up with you. If you want him to see you as a woman he wants to be with, you should never let him see you as weak and desperate.

The key to getting him back, is to show him a strong and independent woman that can take care of herself. Ignore him and move on with your life. Acting as if he does not exist will be like a rope pulling him back to you. Your ex will not be able to stand being ignored and he will have to get you back to satisfy his pride and ego. But, the biggest reason he will want you back, is because the time without you has shown him how much he loves you.

How long should you wait to contact your ex boyfriend after a breakup? You should never contact him. Give him plenty of space and time and he will begin to miss you. When he does, your ex boyfriend will be contacting you.

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How Long Should I Wait To Contact My Ex Boyfriend After The Breakup - The Key To Getting Him Back

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How Long Should I Wait To Contact My Ex Boyfriend After The Breakup - The Key To Getting Him Back

This article was published on 2010/09/08
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