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A breakup does not mean that the relationship is over for eternity. It will feel like that it first, but is not always the case. Emotions that lead to a breakup can heal over time. While you may want to simply write this relationship offered, there are a few things that you might try if you have a desire to win back your ex-boyfriend.

Right After the Breakup

The breakup probably seeed rather abrupt to you, but there were most likely signs the could've warned you it was coming. People are often in denial about the entire situation, and later claim they never saw the signs were right in front of them. When your boyfriend has recently left you take the time to look back at your relationship's past, try to understand what it is that went wrong. Was there something that he complained about often? Were you overly possessive? Did you find him too controlling? Is it possible that you could change some of the things that led to the breakup, or the two of you could change together?

Getting in Touch with the Ex-Boyfriend

If you want when your boyfriend back, give at least a couple of days following the breakup before you contact him. Make sure you don't reinitiate contact with an e-mail or text. He may be able to ignore any e-mail or text. Use the phone, you want to talk to him directly. You will need to be calm. Don't expect to win him back with an emotional outburst. Sincerely apologize to him. Repairing the relationship can begin with admitting your portion of the breakup and that your love is still there for him. You want to keep the tone of this call light and friendly, as you may avoid hurting any further feelings, and so that you don't do any more harm.

Modify Your Habits

As you are spending these two days out of communication, take the opportunity to further analyze your relationship, seeking ways that you can improve some of your bad habits. Getting your ex-boyfriend back is going to involve improvement in your personal, emotional, and mental health. You will appear more attractive to all those around you if you find a happier demeanor to present. A woman with a great deal of self-confidence, and overall pleasant demeanor, tends to be very sexy to the average mature man.

Meeting the Ex-Boyfriend for a Casual Date

You may be able to convince him to go out with you for a cup of coffee or a drink, as the communication between you improves. Contact him when you have a moment and see if he is open to an informal meeting, just a couple friends gathering together. You are trying to get together with him in a way that allows you to talk, and it would not pressure anyone. You do not want to make this too fancy of a meal. Keep this simple and inexpensive. You'll want to look sharp, smell nice, and as an added touch wear his favorite perfume. Don't get into the breakup. Keep the conversation light, something like it was in your first date. He will think of you as attractive as he did on the very first date. In the event that things go well you can make plans for a few days down the road. If things continue on an upward path, you may find that you are on your way to reestablishing healthy relationship with your boyfriend.

Dealing with the Broken Heart

Simply following this advice is still no guarantee that you will win your boyfriend back. It is great if you succeed. There is an opportunity here for you to grow from the experience and solidify your future relationships. When no reconciliation is possible, take a deep breath and begin living your life again. If you cannot move on, there will only be misery for both of you. Go your separate ways and keep any contact friendly.

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Get your ex boyfriend back - Here's How

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This article was published on 2010/10/17
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