All Time Breakup Tips To Follow

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Going through a breakup is a hard thing to deal with regardless of how good or bad the relationship was.

When going through this tough time, there are some important breakup tips to follow to make sure you get over this event in the best way possible.

Breakup Tips #1. Make sure to mark a specific amount of time to grieve and get over your relationship. This should be a reasonable amount of time. Usually a month/ 30 days is a good enough time period to get your head together.

Breakup Tips #2- Delete all emails, phone numbers, Facebook accounts and any other contact information related to the person you just broke up with. It is way to tempting to waste time begging and pleading with your ex in a haste without giving yourself enough time to get your thoughts together.

Breakup Tips #3- Opt to donate everything your ex ever gave you. Spread up the good karma and do good for someone else out in the world who could use those jeans or teddy bear.

Breakup Tips #4- Get out your emotions. If you have to pray, jump, scream, shout, run a 5 K, do whatever it takes to get out your rage and hurt. Hoarding those ill feelings will only bring you down.

Breakup Tips #5- Toss the cakes, cookies, chips and other junk food products. Think about doing a body detox. It is a new beginning, so why not flush out all of those toxins of yesterday and save your waistline.

Breakup Tips #6- Dont make any major financial purchases or do a drastic appearance modification. Once you calm down, you will soon realize that those things were mistakes. Believe you me, it takes a lot longer than a month to get over a 6 inch haircut or a new ATV purchase.

Breakup Tips #7- Do a spring cleaning of your home. Rearrange your furniture. This is a new chapter so changing around the scenery in your home can put you in a better spirit. Put on those 80s tunes and have a blast redoing your place.

Breakup Tips#8- Make an effort to reconnect with people you may have blown up while you were caught up in your bad romance. Apologize to them and make amends to them without going into the boring details of your breakup. A lot of time when we are in a relationship, we tend to leave our friends by the wayside.

Breakup Tips #9- Exercise. This helps your body and helps to fast track your mind forward.

Breakup Tips #10- Buy a few new outfits towards the end of your healing period. Everyone loves to sport new clothes and it helps put your mindset on the future instead of the past.

Breakup Tips #11- Finally, for their sake, and more importantly, your sake, forgive and forget. You no anyone else can change what has already passed. There is no sense in trying to revise and begrudge yourself or the other person.

Good Luck and Take Care

All Time Breakup Tips to Follow
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All Time Breakup Tips To Follow

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This article was published on 2011/01/23
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