4 Stages of A Breakup

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Are you in pain due to your breakup and wonder that where you are in this breakup? There are many stages of a breakup and you should be aware of these in order to help you recover to move on with your life. If your lover feels happy with breakup, you better live without him or her once you have overcome trough some stages of breakup.



Shock and denial


This may be a combination of how dare they? and Oh no they did not. Whatever form this stage takes it can feel as though someone has dumped a bucket of ice cold water over your head. Denial can give the urge to engage in self-destructive activities or constant rounds of hang up calls to his or her voice mail. Avoid this like the plague. Instead don't call your ex, don't text, and don't email.



This is perfectly normal and acceptable to feel after the end of a relationship. You may invest in voodoo dolls, think devilishly devious thoughts about her, call up your best friend and spend hours talking about all the things he or she did wrong, or simply rip up and burn all your photographs. Either way anger is healthy to a certain degree but avoid extreme or threatening behavior.



This is the best known of all stages of a breakup and one that can be the most critical if you allow it to be. While it is natural to be depressed if you are having thoughts of harming yourself during this time be sure to get help immediately. Things you can do to avoid letting things get too low is plan outings with friends, avoid spending time alone, start taking classes, or join a hobby group. Do anything to fill your hours and keep you from spending hours home alone thinking about your ex.



The final and best of the stages of a breakup is often referred to as acceptance. This is when you reach the point that you can view your relationship objectively and realize that there was no one person that was all good or bad in the relationship. This is the time when you can look back on the happy memories and be glad you had the opportunity to love and be loved by this person. Perhaps this is the time when you decide that you were not all that bad together and you would like one more chance.


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4 Stages of A Breakup

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This article was published on 2010/04/24
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